How to Make Dog Food

By on November 25, 2013
how to make dog food

The dog food industry, just like the people food industry, is only concerned about the bottom line.

They will use the cheapest, lowest quality ingredients they can find to use in their commercially produced dog food you find at the pet and grocery stores.

It’s the food you’re likely feeding your dog right now.

Look on the back of your current dog food package and check the ingredients. I bet you will find corn, soy, wheat, and dairy products in there.

The issue is that these foods are well known allergens. Their most likely causing your dog a ton of systemic inflammation, even if you don’t see it right yet.

There’s also animal by-products in your dog’s food. Yum!

And just like anything you buy for yourself to eat that comes in a package, there are chemicals, preservatives, and additives in the mix to prolong shelf life and keep it fresher longer.

I don’t know about you, but that’s unacceptable for my dog, Buddy.

That’s why I wrote a new guide called, Homemade Dog Food & Treat Recipes – How to Make Healthy, Natural Food & Treats for Your Friend.

Discover How to Make Dog Food Using the Master Recipe Blueprint

In my new book, I not only share with you all of Buddy’s favorite homemade dog food recipes, but I provide for you a “master recipe blueprint”.

This blueprint is your guide for creating ANY meal for your dog. So, while I provide you with a few recipes to get you started making homemade dog food, the real asset is this blueprint.

All you have to do is fill the 3 parts of the blueprint in the ratios I suggest and you can have a healthy, natural meal for your dog anytime, anywhere.

The best part is that, if you prepare your family’s food the right way, you can simply make a little more and give him what you’re having.

Moreover, make a big batch of food on the weekend and store it in the freezer for each day of the week.

This guide will show you how it can be simple to make your own dog food.

Download => Homemade Dog Food & Treat Recipes

You can grab by guide on Amazon with all of the homemade dog food and treat recipes, as well as my Master Recipe Blueprint by clicking here ==>

No Kindle?

No problem!

If you don’t have a Kindle to read this guide on, you still have a few awesome options.

1. Download the FREE Kindle App on your tablet or smartphone.

Simply go to your smartphone’s app store and search for “Kindle App”. You will see a free Kindle app that you can download immediately. When you buy the Homemade Dog Food & Treat Recipes ebook, it will automatically be available for you to view in this app.

This is actually how I do 95% of my reading. I love my Kindle App on my iphone.

2. Use the Kindle Cloud Reader

If you do not have a smartphone or tablet, you can still enjoy my ebook. Simply hop onto your computer and Google “Kindle Cloud Reader”. This is a web app that you can access and, just like the apps above, any ebook you purchase from Amazon will just be right in the Kindle Cloud Reader for you to enjoy.

Note: I would really love a review!

If you do grab a copy of my latest guide, would you please consider leaving a review for it if you learn anything of value? I take my writing very seriously and your feedback really helps to make my books the best they can be.

Here’s the link again to learn how to make dog food and discover Homemade Dog Food & Treat Recipes ==>


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